6 Golden Rules on Buying a New Camping Fridge

Sizes of Caravan /Camper Van Fridge

Where will you be putting your fridge?

Caravan fridge sizes vary between 30 – 150 litres with various heights, width and depths.

The space available in your caravan/camper van will determine the most appropriate camping fridge.

These are normally fitted within a cupboard allowing sufficient space at the back for good ventilation kenmore refrigerator repair los angeles.

Fridge Power energy supply

Most absorption fridges are powered 3 way, which include LPG Gas, 12 volt or 240 mains electric and compressor fridges are usually 12/24 volt and mains electric.

LPG Gas is normally propane or butane

Will you need gas? Running on gas is useful when staying on a site with no electric hook up, or remote areas.

12 volt on absorption camping fridges should only really be used when travelling or when the vehicles running.

Compressor camping fridges will run much longer on 12 volt as they use less power consumption than an absorption camping fridge.

Ignition type

There are two types ignition Piezo ignition and Electronic Ignition

Piezo Ignition

The Piezo ignitor is a manual “push button” ignition. There is less to go wrong with Piezo ignitor as there are no electrics. Fridges with Piezo ignitor’s are cheaper than their Electronic ignition equivalents.

Electronic Ignition (Useful when using gas)

The Electronic ignition system is connected to a 12 volt supply. This is easier to light than the Piezo ignition system. If the gas pilot light goes out you will hear a clicking noise which means the electronic ignition is trying to re-light the pilot light. Once the pilot light has lit the clicking noise will stop.

Two advantages with the Electronic Ignition system

If the pilot light goes out, it will automatically relight.
If the gas runs out, you will hear a clicking noise as it attempts to try to re alight.
Venting of Camping Fridge

For fridges to work efficiently and to their full capacity, it is crucial to have the correct venting system. Ensure you follow the fridge model manual for the correct venting.

Freezer Use

Most camping fridges come with a small freezer compartment, size dependent on model. Smaller models may have ice cube making facility.

Lifespan of Camping Fridge

The average lifespan of a fridge is around 10 years. All new fridges will be fully guaranteed. Be very cautious if purchasing a second hand fridge, which may not have been regularly serviced. Repairing old fridges can be very costly and not cost effective to do.


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